Quick and easy loan to repair the phone

Repairing a mobile phone is one of the most expensive services we can face, but in many cases this disbursement is inevitable because the terminals have become indispensable work tools.

If our phone has failures, it has gotten wet or the screen has broken into pieces and we have no liquidity to take it to the technical service or to buy a new one, which is often better than fixing it, we give you the answer to your problems because we offer you a loan with no payroll and easy for you to recover your phone sooner than you think.

Tips to get quick money with us is and easy

Tips to get quick money with us is and easy

Here we give you some notices and tricks so that you receive your money as soon as possible. From us we want to guarantee a personalized, fast and comfortable service.

You can apply for a loan with ID only at any time, but you should keep in mind that they do have a schedule and, for example, on weekends it is more complicated to receive money transfers on the same day. So, if the unforeseen has arisen outside of working hours but you decide to apply, the loan may take 24 to 48 hours, depending on each bank.

Another important question is to know with which group of financial entities we work so that you confirm if some of them coincide with yours and you have an approximate idea of ​​the time it will take to make the operation effective.

The papers that we need to carry out the process are minimal, we will only ask you for a copy on both sides of the DNI or NIE and another one of an official document that shows that you receive income every month. It is a prerequisite to have a payment that guarantees that you can return the money quickly and easily without problems.

In order to obtain the maximum speed of concession, send us the documentation in good condition, that all the data are well understood, so we can study your profile more quickly and we will not have to ask you to send it to us again, because that will only delay the process.

8 advantages of the loan without payroll and easy

Apart from the speed with which we can achieve this and the few paperwork required, short-term personal loans offer many other advantages:

  • You only pay for what is used
  • We will know the total to pay from the first moment
  • No endorsements or payroll are required
  • We will know if the loan has been approved in a few minutes
  • We will receive a 100% customized service
  • If we return the loan at the moment with us it is earlier than planned, we will save fees
  • The request is made in less than 10 minutes
  • We have the possibility to delay the refund date up to 30 days

Loan without payroll, simple and transparent: we provide everything you need to know about the service, all the information is clearly and accurately explained, but if you have any questions, you can also contact us through our multiple tracks.

Get a loan today: the following link will take you to our homepage, where you can send your request and get the extra you need to repair your phone: Get mini loans